Creative Interactive Gift for Kids

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  • This puzzle is a new version of the traditional Klotski that features rounded, magnetized pieces that make solving quicker and easier.
  • At first it took me a half hour and then finally I scrambled every number so that every row had different number is kind of like a Sudoku puzzle. I am ready for the next level up! This is great for when I am bored
  • This is a fantastic sliding puzzle - it's sturdy, smooth, and moves very well. The magnets help everything align smoothly
  • I love this puzzle. As a kid I was never very good at 15 puzzle, mostly because the ones you picked up were so cheaply built they were a pain to solve. This one is beefy. The parts fit fantastic and the magnets help make this zip along.
  • Great Gift Idea – Suitable for kids and adults. Packed in a fancy box. Perfect Christmas gift idea for your kids.

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