Skin Cleaning Essence

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Is Your Face Clean?

Because with skin aggressors like pollution and daily grime doing their best to fill your pores with dirt and bacteria, blackheads can seem inevitable. Thankfully, there's a cleanser for that.


Contrary to popular belief, you can't close or open your pores. But, what you can do is give them a good old deep cleanse. 



Product Information

Specification: 1.5ml*10 PCS/box

Product Name: Oligopeptide small bubble Cleaning Essence

Core component: oligopeptide-1

Efficacy of product

Containing oligopeptide skin nourishing essence, the texture is fresh, dense, and delicate, helping to clean the dirt on the skin surface and make the skin glow and uniform


  • 1 Set(10 Pcs*1.5ml)

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