Stain Removal Toothpaste

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Soda Toothpaste Teeth Whitening Cleaning Toothpaste Hygiene Oral Care Fight Bleeding Gums Baking Soda Press Toothpaste Passion Fruit Blueberry Flavors



1. Baking soda can break down into tiny particles and penetrate the gaps in the enamel with powerful cleansing power, effectively helping remove stains and food particles while neutralizing plaque acid at the same time.

2. Contains natural herbal extracts and oils, mild and non-toxic, no fluoride, triclosan, peroxide, potassium nitrate, or strontium chloride contained to avoid hurting your cavities.

3. Two pleasant flavors are available for free options: passion fruit flavor and blueberry flavor, further to keep your mouth fresh and improves gum health.

4. Can be used to deeply clean your teeth and remove coffee, tea, wine and tobacco stains, strengthen enamel and gums, refresh the bad breath and prevent tooth decay after long time continuous use.



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Package Included:

1* Soda Whitening Toothpaste

Refreshing Baking Soda Toothpaste Blueberry Passion Fruit Fresh Breath Whitening Teeth Cleaning Care Fruity Toothpaste Oral Cleaning Remove Tooth Stains

1. Containing natural ingredients, there are two flavors of passion fruit and blueberry to choose from. The fragrant fruity scent makes your child no longer reluctant to brush his teeth.
2. This toothpaste uses baking soda, which can effectively reduce stubborn tea stains and coffee stains, whiten your teeth, and brighten your teeth.
3. Safely clean and polish your teeth, enhance tooth enamel, freshen your breath, help you keep your mouth fresh and clean, and gently care for your oral health.
4. Our toothpaste will fully protect your teeth and gums while cleaning your teeth, and improve dental problems such as yellow teeth, black teeth, tartar and oral odor.

Material: Paste
Size: 12.5*5.5*3cm
Weight: 60g
Packing size: 12.8*4*4cm
Capacity: 60ML
Efficacy: teeth whitening, fresh breath

Packing List:
1* toothpaste

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