Triangle Drainage Rack

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1. This sink strainer can be used in kitchen, bathtub, floor drain, laundry, wash basin and other drain hole.

2. The filter can effectively prevent hair, paper scraps, food residues, fabrics and any other garbage from entering the sewer. High density mesh traps food scraps efficiently without stopping the flow of water, keeping your drain from creating blockage

3. Is made of high-quality materials and is durable. The drain is designed to drain water. It helps drain water and maintain hygiene.

4. Put the drain hair catcher in the corresponding sink, simply press down on the suction cups for a secure hold and you are set, fits most standard tub and shower drains. While removing, just grab the clump out of the catcher.

5. The shower drain can be used in many ways according to your needļ¼Œyou can use it in kitchen sink for cleaning up kitchen wasteļ¼Œuse it in bathroom for rapid drainageļ¼Œuse it in bathtub to prevent hair mess clogging drainage.

1. The kitchen sink filter prevents those annoying kitchen sinks from clogging. This filter is designed to fit most sinks and can be easily inserted into the plug hole of the sink, where it catches food waste and debris that causes clogging.

2. Its holes are small enough to capture waste particles, but large enough to allow water to drain out of the sink quickly.

3. Less possibility of blockage means less possibility of unnecessary pipeline costs, so it can eventually become a real money saver

4. We start with the best materials to maintain durability. Ours are durable and look great in any kitchen. We have tested the compatibility with a large number of kitchen sink drain pipes, and it fits perfectly every time.

5. Quick drainage. The sink filter can be used to filter water from tableware or other kitchen utensils. It helps to save space, avoid the growth of bacteria and keep the kitchen organized and clean.


Product parameter

Product name: octopus sink drain rack

Material: PPS

Style: modern and simple

Weight: 0.068kg

Size: 19.1*9*1.5cm

Color: blue, orange, yellow

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